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time due to Covid19.


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Our aim is to provide affordable online assistance by experienced tutors, teachers, and professionals. So, whether you need extra help with a school subject or unsure what careers are out there or even needing to learn a necessary life skill like good credit score, tax, how to become proficient in using Microsoft Excel, our team of experts are here to help you!

We aim for the ‘A’

“There’s nothing as liberating as walking into an exam room knowing that you have prepared and are ready for any question. It makes you think better in the exam and fights off any anxiety. You actually end up enjoying the exam.”

– Founders of Vision Tutoring


Online tutoring

Online tutoring for Maths, Physical Science and Accounting Grade 10-12
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Learning Library

consisting of 100s of videos covering the school syllabus for Maths, Science and Accounting. Including lessons, worked out examples, test questions, past exam papers
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After School Guidance

After School Guidance: University Information, Bursary Information, Career Blogs, Mentoring, Life Skills and so much more.
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Mrs. Bester

My son got 52% at the end of 2020 (grade.11) and got 72% in his Accounting exam for the first term in 2021 since starting his lessons with Gawie. I am happy with his progress and the big improvement from last year. We are aiming for 80% but I am sure with Gawie’s tutoring he will improve as the year progresses.

Mrs. Laushagne

My daughter was failing Maths, I was desperate. I knew she could do better if she understood the concepts but we needed help.I asked around for Extra Math Tutors, that’s when I found Riane and thank goodness for that. My daughters marks in the first term with Riane went up from a fail to 64% only after a few lessons.

She is so excited about Math and looks forward to meeting with Riane to learn more, she says it’s the first time she feels confident when doing tests or exams and general work.

I would highly recommend anyone who’s child is struggling to try Riane out, you will not be dissapointed



“I always find math problems extremely complicated especially Algebra, Trigonometry & Geometry. Bheki helped me to observe, analyse & solve math problems through a variety of skills and approaches to math problems. Now I have a full understanding on solving different math problems.”



I am currently in Grade.12 and Ebrahim is excellent. He makes the learning environment fun and interactive. He stimulates my thinking and that does not happen when I am trying to figure things out on my own. I never used to understand physical science, but I do now he is also friendly and kind hearted, so when I get answers wrong he doesn’t scream and get angry instead he takes a different approach to explaining the concept to me.



I would gladly recommend Ebrahim based on the tutoring services he provided to my son. He was patient and manage to explain things to my son at a level which he could understand it better. He was also always willing to go the extra mild and that I appreciated as a parent.